Is it Majorca or Mallorca?

However you decide to spell it or however you prefer to pronounce it, Majorca or Mallorca, it is without a doubt the biggest of the Balearic Islands, plus together with the adjacent islands of Menorca and Ibiza, it is located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the south-eastern coastline of main land Spain.

Travelling time from the majority of UK airports is generally about 2 – 2.5 hrs and on landing, local Mallorcan time is actually 1 hr in front of GMT.

The very first identifiable landmark on the final approach just before touchdown will definitely be the stunning 14th Century Gothic basilica in neighbouring Palma de Mallorca. The view of it from the skies rarely fails to impress.

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Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

What to expect at Majorca Airport

Son Sant Joan, which is actually the principal holidaymaker airport, is without a doubt a sizable modern complex, and lies in the southern region of the island just away from the capital Palma as well as a bit to the north of the tourist area of C’an Pastilla.

When leaving the island kindly be mindful that the departure gates are really an appreciable distance from the check in desks, thus be advised, allow a great deal of time for the stroll to the airplane!


As soon as you have passed Customs and picked up your suitcases, there certainly are often oodles of taxi cabs hanging around outside of the arrival terminal, though throughout hectic times you have to usually be geared up to stand and await your go in a queue for the next one to be ready.

Taxi cabs on Majorca offer pretty good value for money by European standards, and are immediately identified as being the sizable off-white wagons with a taxi light on the roof.

Something which you need to know is a normal taxi cab on the island is actually only permitted to transport a maximum of 4 punters as well as a “realistic” quantity of suitcases. Hence when it comes to bigger parties of tourists, or maybe those individuals having special requirements, it’s our tip to make arrangement for a pre-reserved taxi cab to be waiting on you at the airport terminal.

Make sure to precisely define during the time of ordering that a larger sized, or specially modified, taxi is definitely wanted for the journey from the airport to your resort, hotel or villa. Check out the ‘how to’ video below showing you what to expect when you arrive on the island.

What is Majorca all about?

After the beginning of mass tourism during the sixty’s, Majorca has undoubtedly, been among the most preferred getaway spots for all nationalities, featuring a diverse of amenities to accommodate all tastes.

As a rule of thumb, the holiday spots on the islands southerly shoreline are the more vibrant and unquestionably much more suited for parties of younger single people, or perhaps those individuals wanting a vibrant night life.

Think of an island with turquoise-blue oceans, discreet coves, soft golden sands, opulent green vegetation, hilly mountain ranges, quiet honey-stone hamlets, and a lively capital city.

A destination immersed in history, having a prolific artisan as well as cultural scene, providing gastronomic quality. Well, this island’s name is undoubtedly Majorca and, because of its own countless attractions, a growing number of folks are exploring throughout the year.

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Majorca – The Conclusion

Majorca truly does possess it all – impressive mountain ranges and memorable beaches, a huge selection of ancient properties and cultural experiences, a buzzing and multicultural conurbation, amusement parks for the whole family plus all the shopping one could possibly want to do when abroad.

Regardless of whether you like to explore one of the splendid villas, go into some of the spectacular caves, or even relax in a beach venue, Majorca possesses it.

Each and every province in Majorca features its unique charm – the northeast when it comes to history, the east coast for caves and beaches, the north and west for picture perfect settlements and amazing mountain ranges.

So as to find out about the real Majorca, one really should tour through Es Pla, the fertile moor at the heart of the island having its almond plantations, wind mills as well as traditional market villages.

Picking out where to stay depends upon things that you prefer to do and see, from the hustle and bustle of Palma to the marvelous coasts, or move away from the coast for a large number of extravagant resorts in which you have the ability to escape all of it.

Local town governments in Majorca have definitely devoted time and energy into sprucing up their resorts together with making them a great deal more family friendly. Majorca is without a doubt now a holiday location where anyone can absolutely discover their particular place.

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