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If you’re searching for cheap hotels in Majorca, let us compare amazing offers to find you the lowest price! From cheap Majorca hotels to luxury Mallorcan retreats.
Whether you’re trying to find fun-packed family friendly resorts, traditional Majorcan gems or hardcore party adventures, you’ll have a terrific range of cheap hotels in Majorca to choose from for your holiday.
Use the search box above to find your perfect hotel in Majorca at the absolute best prices available anywhere.

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6 booking suggestions for finding Cheap Hotels in Majorca

From when to look for the very best bargain, to saving dough on your mobile device

If ever you’re searching for a sizzling, last-minute Mallorca hotel special offer, a cheap holiday in Majorca or an early summertime deal, make note of these hotel reservation hints.

With a great deal of options, reserving hotels in Majorca could bring up as many dilemmas as it solves. Frequently, the unpredictability about knowing if you’re receiving the absolute best special offer is probably the biggest issue.

Numerous reps insist reserving ahead of time is actually the trick to the very best special offers, having said that, others like as well as, negate this – with cheap late Majorca holiday deals throughout the year, as the main agencies scramble to occupy spaces last minute.

Actually, all of it hinges on when, where, and also why you are intending to book a hotel in Majorca, insist gurus at

Our team questioned the Mallorca holiday professionals for a few leading pointers on just how as well as when to reserve for the very best room rates for hotels in Majorca, right here’s precisely what these guys came up with.

For even more suggestions, check out our cheap holidays in Majorca webpage, or our 10 cash saving holiday pointers, for how you can save money on flights to Majorca, sightseeing and tours, as well as hotels in Majorca.

Regarding those seeking a cheap weekend trip in Majorca, Monarch Airlines has some tremendous flight offers in the market, AirParks, PurpleParkingSimplyParkAndFly and CompareParkingDeals all have some wonderful deals on airport car parking at lots of airports across the country.

Does the proposition of chilling in a comfortable arm chair prior to your flight to Majorca, or perhaps enjoy some telly or indulge in some all-you-can-eat, free food as well as beverages (including alcoholic beverages and also spirits) in the airport VIP lounges?

Take a look at LoungePass or HolidayExtras for many fantastic savings on the VIP lounges at several airports. For a fairly modest price, that frequently turns out cheaper compared to getting food and refreshment at the airport, you can surely kick your holiday to Majorca off in style.

1. It is certainly true that the early bird catches the worm

Visiting Mallorca for a romantic weekend break, possibly a stag celebration or hen bash, or just a solitary retreat from the daily grind? The absolute best suggestion we could supply is to reserve beforehand. It’s basic economics– the larger the interest the bigger the cost.

Therefore, if you’re travelling someplace everybody else is heading also, it’s far better to get in there quickly if you desire the very best bargain. You’ll additionally stay clear of the dreadful ‘No Availability’ notification from your much-loved hotels in Majorca.

2. It is definitely better to be late than never

If you are aiming to swipe a few nights abroad in your much-loved Majorca hotel, visit at a time when there really isn’t really peak interest, for instance, amid school term.

In this way you are able to keep an eye on availability along with tariffs in the months preceding your vacation and get yourself the very best discount for hotels in Majorca.

Flights to Majorca are additionally a lot much cheaper over this time. You can easily nab flights as reasonable as £60 return from particular airports from budget airline companies like Monarch. Or search SkyScanner below to compare deals from many different airlines.

The seriously gutsy holiday-makers would leave it till the days before they go, or perhaps the day itself, to acquire the best prices obtainable for various hotels in Majorca.

3. Jump on your mobile device

Be technologically astute when it comes to reserving and keep up to date with the latest special offers for hotels in Majorca

A number of the trusted travel booking websites, such as OnTheBeach,, Jet2Holidays, LoveHolidaysTeletext Holidays as well as supply many fantastic price cuts for eleventh hour escapes or even lengthier Majorca escapes if that’s precisely what you’re searching for.

Install their completely free mobile phone applications and enjoy their vacation search at your fingertips. Take each free instance to check out their most recent bargains for hotels in Majorca.

TripAdvisor furthermore features an useful ‘bargain hotel finder’ with 25 of the very best priced hotels in Majorca.

4. Hop on public transport or rent a car in Majorca.

Savvy tourists think of hotels in adjacent locations and resorts in Majorca if making a journey in peak periods, as during these times, spaces are very limited or ludicrously priced.

5. Majorca trips are less costly during spring season and even autumn season

Be aware of the time in which you’re planning to go. Majorca trips have the tendency to be more affordable throughout springtime as well as autumn time, since there are commonly far fewer parties and also far fewer travellers looking for a mass exodus to the sunny resorts.

6. Fly solo to Mallorca

Make use of taking a trip by yourself, a great deal of hotels in Majorca presume that it will be 2 of you lodging in a room, nevertheless a few give exceptional prices for individuals.

Hunt for the hotels in Majorca that do and you will likely praise yourself for this.

Selection of Cheap Majorca Hotels

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